It’s that time again!

Ladies, start your frying pans!  The Fourth Annual Great Cherokee Pancake Day Race begins at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, February 17, 2015, followed by a meal with the net proceeds again divided between our two local food pantries.

Registration forms are available now at City Hall, at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church or on this website.  Registration is due on Monday, February 20, and early registration is encouraged as the race is limited to the first 100 entrants.

Following tradition, anyone meeting the entry requirements (adult lady in her dress, apron & kerchief) who is able to run, walk, crutch or be wheeled all or some part of the 415  yard race course. Clergy from many of our area churches will once again be assisting in official capacities. What the Supervising Vicar of the Race will wear this year is once again a matter of considerable speculation.

Teams are once again encouraged. Crutches and wheelchairs welcomed as usual.  Outstanding dress and athletic performances are suitably recognized . . . following the traditions established.

Join us! Enjoy another Shrove Tuesday on Piety Hill!

Great Pancake Day Race of 2015

St. Paul’s Adult Class, Coordinating

(Check out this website for race details and registration information.  And for a full listing of race finishers from last year, click here.)  

(To learn more about the origins of the Shrove Tuesday Pancake Race in Olney, England, visit their website.)

(To see the official results of last year's Pancake Race, click here.)

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